Staffing Solutions

It’s easy to get lost in the mix when applying for a new position. There’s more to you than what’s listed on your resume. Individuals like you bring a collection of skills, passions, and experience to every new job. Whether you are seeking to move up the corporate ladder or looking to change jobs, CORE can connect you with exciting new opportunities that are a perfect match for your skills.

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Getting started is easy:

  1. SEARCH for the position you desire.
  2. APPLY to the positions that match your career goals and experience.
  3. CALL US directly to discuss your career goals and ask questions.

Once we find the best match for you, we will start the interview process. Our dedicated staffing managers will be happy to guide you through the nuances of the job search.

If you require assistance filling out the application or at any point of the job application process, please call us 1-262-242-2673.

Client Testimonials

Every day we work tirelessly to create opportunity for the people who have trusted us to be their lifelong career advisors. Here are just a few success stories that our clients have shared with us.

Working with CORE

Throughout your career, CORE will be your trusted partner. Here is what you can expect while working with us.

Our Promise To You

CORE is the technical engineering solutions company that fulfills your desire to succeed. We want to be a source for your inspiration to get ahead in your career.

Our Recruitment Services

Direct Placement

Direct placement is a process by which our company provides candidates to our clients to be hired as a full time employee. Candidates offered a direct hire position are employees of your company and are on the direct payroll of your organization. Direct hires are usually ideal for filling permanent roles as opposed to filling a temporary need. For this type of staffing arrangement, we charge a one-time fee for filling the position with the right candidate.

Contract Placement

Contract placement is a process by which our company provides candidates to fulfill a temporary need for a short or indefinite periods of time. Contract workers are W-2 employees of CORE and receive a full benefit package from our organization include Health, Dental, paid vacation, paid holidays, workers comp, unemployment insurance, etc. At CORE, our contract engineering placement services allow your company to maintain workforce levels and retain available talent while reducing sourcing-related costs. Contract placements are often used based upon an immediate need for personnel to fill gaps within your existing direct staff. Working with us on your contract staffing needs means we are also well suited to find the right permanent candidate for your company, should you decide the position requires a permanent addition to the team.


Temp-To-Hire is a service that CORE provides to all clients who use our temporary staffing model. This model is a working arrangement in which a worker is first hired on a temporary basis with the expectation of becoming a full-time hire after they have proven that they are a good fit for the client. Temp-To-Hire arrangements are ideal for longer-term temporary roles, often between three to nine months long. This arrangement allows employers to make flexible hiring decisions based on their needs and unforeseen economic changes within the business landscape.