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Engineering Services

The perfect engineering solution should be agile, innovative, robust and profitable at the same time. Every engineering firm says they know what a client wants from an engineering service, but very few have the resources and the capabilities to achieve what they claim is necessary.

CORE is a pioneer engineering company that provides engineering services that best suit the needs of a dynamic market environment. With world-class talent working on your engineering projects, we provide state-of-the-art mechanical, electrical, and architectural solutions to an array of regional and global clients.

Mechanical Engineering Solutions

CORE offers mechanical engineering solutions that help develop complex mechanical designs to meet your needs and help you gain a competitive edge in the market.

Electrical Engineering Solutions

Ranging from PCB design and layout to electrical instrumentation services, at CORE we specialize in making sure that the top-notch electrical engineering services are provided to achieve the desired result. Our electrical engineering solutions are highly optimized and integrated to make sure that your products are aligned to your business goals.

Technical Documentation Solutions

CORE provides technical writing and documentation services. Our team of professionals specialize in writing and creating manuals, guides and more. Over the past decade. we have worked with a wide gamut of industries and can cater to your specific needs.



Rapid Prototyping Solutions

For the past decade, CORE has been on the fore-front of innovation through the help of rapid prototyping. Our wide range of prototyping services help customers visualize product designs by providing a tangible mechanical example of the product being developed. No additional tooling investment is required to do rapid prototyping as they are made directly from the 3D CAD model in our machine.


“The availability of resources are limited in the engineering industry in our area. CORE provides an excellent engineering service, with value added outsourcing services that are unparalleled match to any other companies that are out there.”

Robert Sinur, Waukesha CFR

“I view CORE as an extension of Wausau Equipment. Where there is a resource constraint, CORE is always there as a partner from a support point of view.”

Rikos Kasim, Wausau Equipment

“CORE is always willing to take the work for us. Managers at CORE are very easy to talk to and we trust them with our needs and work.”

Albert Van Mullem, Telsmith Inc.

“CORE fills in the gaps for us. There are not a lot of other companies out there that do what they do. When we have a time crunch, we rely on CORE. They are the engineering support when needed.”

Scott Ledermann, Norstar Aluminum Molds


Engineering has never been made simpler. Connect with us today to get the best engineering services that your company deserves.

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