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Who we are.

We are the engineering firm that provides comprehensive engineering experience.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, people embrace companies that are innovative and forward thinking and offer a catered experience. Core is the innovative boutique Engineering & Technical Staffing firm that provides the best engineering experience to its customers. We transform the everyday grind of engineering into an experience that emerges from the desire of company’s driving force to help everyone lead a fulfilling life. We believe in fostering strong relationship, creating unbreakable trust and prospering together. This relentless desire of help others has made us the fastest-growing engineering firm of the past decade.

How we came about.

The Engineering On Demand

The concept of engineering on demand started back in 2007. The founders of the company realized the gap between the demand of technical engineering individuals vs the employer looking for the right individuals.

To bridge this gap CORE was founded on the premises of serving people, providing customized engineering solutions efficiently, and leading a fulfilling professional life.

CORE specialties technical solutions

How we make it happen.

Building Trust

The primary fundamental of our business is building trust within our customer base and organization. For 11 years CORE has successfully kept the promises that it makes to its stakeholders.


The speed in which we react to our customer’s needs is what has made us the trusted partner we are today. Our team of highly dedicated customer focused professionals are here to listen to the needs of our customers and respond at a moment’s notice.


Turning an idea into a successful product through the art of engineering is our contribution to making dreams reality in this world. CORE is here to make your dream a reality.

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