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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide comprehensive engineering services, which includes:

Talent acquisition solutions for Engineering, Technical and Manufacturing personnel
Staffing and Recruiting for Direct and Contract/Consulting arrangements
Experts in Product Development, Engineering and CAD Design
Onsite and offsite temporary employee project solutions
Technical Writing/Documentation
Rapid Prototyping using SLA, FMD and 3D Printed solutions

CORE was established in 2007.

Yes, CORE is BBB accredited

Direct placement is a solution we provide for candidates in which they would be hired in a full time position with one of our clients. Candidates offered a direct hire position are not an employee at CORE; the candidate goes directly on the client’s payroll. Direct hires are usually ideal for filling permanent roles as opposed to a temporary role. In this arrangement, we charge a one-time fee for finding the right candidate for the position.

Contract placement is a placement made on a temporary basis as determined by the respective contract. At CORE, our engineering placement services allow your company to maintain workforce levels and retain available talent while reducing sourcing-related costs. A contract placement is staffing based on the need of your company. This type of placement is essential to manage the cyclical highs and lows of business.

Temp-To-Hire is a service that CORE provides depending on the needs of the business. It is an arrangement in which a candidate is hired on a temporary basis, with a possibility of turning into a full-time hire. A Temp-To-Hire arrangement is typically ideal for longer-term temporary roles, often between three to six months. This arrangement allows employer to make decision based on their needs and gives flexibility to both employers as well as employees at the end of the temporary period.

At CORE, we also offer training services to prospective candidate prior to becoming a direct hire or temporary hire for the employer. In this arrangement, CORE emphasizes training the candidate in order to be better prepared for the client-specific job requirements prior to placement.

Our company specializes in providing top talent in the following areas::

Mechanical Engineering, Design & Drafting
• Electrical Engineering
• Industrial Design
• Manufacturing
• Technical • Writing/Documentation
• Strategic Sourcing
• Purchasing
• IT
• Computer Science

As an applicant, you won’t have to pay for any of our services.

Please contact the recruiter listed at the bottom of the job posting or contact us directly at our head office.

Sometimes our positions fill quickly, or your resume and application might not have been the best match for our clients’ needs. But don’t let that stop you! Connect with us directly or submit your application on our job board and we will find something that fits your needs!

Job availability changes on a daily basis. Once your application process is complete, you will be considered based on your preferences and skills, and you will be offered appropriate positions as they become available.

There are several ways to apply with CORE. Start by completing an application online or by calling us directly at our office. You will be asked to provide complete work history information as well as preferences on the type of work and location you are seeking. We also ask for two previous manager and two previous colleague references, as this helps us move quickly once we have matched you with the right opportunity.

Perfect question! We come across great candidates who are interested in a particular opportunity but sometimes the opportunity doesn’t exist right there and then. We create a portfolio for pools of candidates and directly market candidates with other opportunities that are similar.

Working for CORE gives you access to comprehensive health benefits and a variety of work-life benefits. Our benefits include contributory medical and dental insurance, along with paid vacation and holiday pay. Specific assignments may include paid time off, and all CORE contract employees are always provided with unparalleled benefits and services.

It is our passion to provide the best opportunity while reviewing your candidacy for an opening. That being said, not all the job opportunities that are provided are going to meet the expectations you have, and may not fit until you have gone through an interview in-person with the potential employer. You are free to decline the opportunity that was provided to you, and we will take your feedback into consideration as we continue to find the right fit.

Assignments length varies according to our client’s needs. However, it also depends upon your needs. We work to place you in a role that aligns for both you as well as the client. Our recruiters are there to make sure that the opportunities they present to you are always aligned with your career goals, skills and interests.

We will always do our best to rectify the situation. You may be requested to stay at an assignment for a period of time until we can find a replacement. We believe in open communication and will continuously work to make it right. Whenever a situation arises please communicate with us and we’ll work together to fix it.

As a job seeker, you don’t have to pay for any services that CORE provides.

We strive to create new engineering talent. As a result of building strong relationships with nationally recognized technical colleges and universities, we stay on the pulse of the engineering and manufacturing communities. Milwaukee School of Engineering, Marquette, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Western Michigan, Purdue, IIT, Michigan Tech, and Muskegon Community College are just some of the universities aligned with CORE. Our custom client internship programs focus on preparing high school and college-level students for careers in engineering and manufacturing. These programs focus on training students in CAD modeling/industrial design, soft-skills, and leadership development for a period of time before the student starts the “hands-on” portion of their internship with the client. We do this specifically to make sure that we are able to consistently replenish our talent pools with the best and brightest engineers for our clients.

All CORE engineers have specific skill sets. We primarily work with:

• CREO (Pro/E)
• Solidworks
• AutoCAD
• Inventor 3D

Our in-house SLA and Polyjet 3D printer uses the latest technology in rapid prototyping.

Rapid prototyping is the idea of quickly assembling a physical part, piece or model of a product. This is often done using sophisticated computer-aided design or other assembly software, and physically implemented using 3-D printers.

Rapid prototypes are suitable for:

Investment casting
CMM programming
Design qualifications
Visual modeling
RTV/Silicon molding (urethane pours)

Our mechanical engineering services division specializes in the following areas:

• CAD Conversion & Migrations Services
• 2D Drafting Services
• 3D Modeling & Rendering Services
• Reverse Engineering Services
• Plastic Injection & Blow Molding Mold Design
• Mechanical 3D Product Animation
• Finite Element Analysis
• Plant Design Management System

Our electrical engineering services division specializes in the following areas:

• Electrical Instrumentation’s Services
• PCB Design and Layout Services
• Electrical Design & Layout Services

Our Technical Documentation services division specializes in the following areas:

• 3D VIA Composer
• Publications
• Manuals and Guides
• Process Documentation
• Technical Documentation
• User Documentation



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