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We are a company of engineers and engineers.

Why we do what we do?

We LOVE to dream, We LOVE to design, We LOVE to tinker, We LOVE innovation and efficiency, We LOVE engineering!  CORE is not your normal engineering firm. We are the dreamers, the creators, and the innovators.  We are a comprehensive engineering solutions firm that provides exceptional designs, cutting edge innovations, the most dedicated engineers, and a world class customer experience to meet our client’s needs. At CORE, we understand the competitive demands of the technical and engineering markets and specialize in filling that demand with customized engineering solutions.

We work with businesses of all types and sizes that is what makes us versatile yet specific in our industry.  We are the premier provider of engineering solutions: Our goal is to simplify the complicated, organize the chaos, and help you lead a more fulfilling business existence.

Our Mission

At CORE, we believe in living a fulfilling life. Our mission is to simplify your day to day engineering activity by providing helpful solutions to your area of need. The sole purpose of our existence is to change the status quo.

How we have transformed?

Entrepreneur Award Winner BizTimes Milwaukee: First-In Class Servant Leadership.

Experts In Technical Engineering, Staffing and Training Solutions.

Delivering Engineering and Technical Solutions On Demand.

"Our Greatest Assets are Our Stakeholders"

To Decision Makers

For all the decisions you have to make every day, now you have to worry about making one less because:

CORE is the engineering and technical staffing solutions company that provides you with the best talent pool and custom engineering solutions, so your company can focus on making great products and profitable growth.

To Candidates

Finding the perfect match and the desired work place can be a tough task. Moreover, securing that next big leap in your career can be even more difficult. Therefore, let us help you secure the dream job that you want because:

CORE is the engineering and technical staffing solutions company that gives you the tools to succeed in your career goals, because we provide you the right career match to get ahead in life.

To Innovators

Fulfilling product development needs can be challenging, furthermore, finding talent and the right company to work with to get the desired outcome can be more challenging, hence we are here to take away those obstacles for you because:

CORE is the engineering and technical staffing solutions company that is the innovator for product designs ever striving to change the status quo.  We have the right tools, the right talent, and the right technologies to make your products come to life.


Our Story

Why we do what we do, learn more about our company’s history and the people who make this company the innovation leader in the engineering industry.