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CORE Consulting is an award winning engineering services company providing customized solutions for manufacturers of all sizes.  CORE is the premier provider of Technical Staffing, Outsourced Engineering/CAD Design, Full-Cycle Product Development, Technical Writing & Documentation, Illustration, Strategic Sourcing/Supply Chain Management, Rapid Prototyping, and custom CAD Training. The company’s talent base includes a plethora of Mechanical Engineers, Technical Analysts, Computer Aided Design (CAD) professionals, and Manufacturing Professionals. CORE’s Product Design Consultants will train your staff on any CAD system: Pro/ENGINEER (Creo), SolidWorks, AutoCAD/Inventor, CATIA, Google SketchUp, and others.


In 2009, CORE received the Entrepreneur Award from BizTimes Milwaukee for their First In CLASS Servant Leadership based business model and the company’s substantial sales growth. In 2009, CORE received the Wisconsin Companies to Watch Award offered through the Madison area Chamber of Commerce and The Edward Lowe Foundation for substantial sales growth in the State of Wisconsin.  In 2010, 2011, and 2012 CORE was named to the Future 50 List offered through the Metro Milwaukee Association of Commerce as one of the areas fastest growing companies in Wisconsin, as well as the prestigious Inc. 500 List as one of the nation’s fastest growing Engineering & Technical Staffing companies.




Originally from Pewaukee, WI – Matthew moved to Milwaukee to attend The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1996.  Upon Graduation in 2000, he worked as a decorated Sales professional for ADP, US Bank, Universal Engineering, etc.  In 2007, Matthew received his Master of Business Administration Degree from Cardinal Stritch University and has been actively involved in the executive management of Engineering Service Consultancies and Milwaukee area Non Profit Institutions for many years. In 2007, Matthew co-pioneered a sensational Servant Leadership driven business model for CORE Consulting. Matthew’s no nonsense leadership style and financial expertise have proven to build high performing teams, AAA rated customer focused service, family-like business culture, stream-lined business operations, efficient & cost effective client deliverables, team cohesiveness, and value added partnerships for all stakeholders involved.


“Let’s roll up our sleeves, sharpen our pencils and get the job done RIGHT, the first time” is a great way to describe Matthew’s tireless commitment to excellence.




Born and raised in Boise, Idaho – Jesse moved to Wisconsin in 1997 to attend Milwaukee School of Engineering to study Mechanical Engineering and fulfill his dream of becoming a Design Engineer for Harley-Davidson Motor Company. Upon graduation from MSOE in 2001, Jesse’s dynamic personality and Engineering experience is the face of CORE.  Jesse has been a key team member & patent owner for several world recognized organizations including: Harley-Davidson, Accenture, Bank of America, and American Express…  Since his departure from Accenture in 2005, Jesse has been tirelessly involved in the Engineering Services industry and Co-creator of the cutting edge culture of CORE.


Emphatically involved in ALL aspects of the business; Jesse brings urgency, passion, skill and commitment to the staff at CORE.

"...CORE has been tasked with some of the most difficult skill-sets to locate and has not only located, but has located some of the best in the industry..."



At CORE, our Engineering consultants provide you with flexible, temporary professional with expertise to meet your Product Development, Engineering, and CAD Design needs. Our Engineering Consulting & Outsourced Engineering model is an efficient way to engage skilled experts while lending flexibility to short-term projects and long term projects alike. We offer onsite or offsite temporary employee project solutions at affordable rates – project, product, and term-based. We understand the importance of project-based employee retention; hence we provide a full range of benefits to all CORE employees.  This model has built a strong & loyal group to handle your project needs.


We provide professional staff that is ready to get to work and be a part of your team. CORE consultants are always learning and keep their fingers on the pulse of the manufacturing community.

In addition to being trained in the latest software and technology, CORE offers CAD Design & engineering training for all employees on the latest and greatest versions of AutoCAD, CREO, SOLIDWORKS, etc. to meet our client’s specific needs.


CORE offers a variety of talent acquisition solutions for Engineering, Technical, and Manufacturing personnel for entry level through executive level talent for temporary and long term employment. Our Recruiters specialize in providing top talent in Mechanical Engineering, Drafting, Electrical Engineering, industrial Design, Manufacturing Management, Technical Writing/Documentation, Strategic Sourcing, Purchasing, IT, and Computer Science.


Let our recruiting team assist in your next Direct-Hire search. Direct-Hire placement hiring offers a skill-specific hiring solution to fill full time employment gaps in your team due to normal employee attrition, reductions in workforce, and during company growth phases. CORE recruiters are experts in their field using the latest technology, vast employee networks, and recruiting platforms.


Our Recruiters are US based, degreed engineers and technical professionals who conduct all of our talent searches for our clients. With this expertise on hand, we are confident that our recruiters are the best in their field, ensuring that they can effectively communicate with like-minded engineers and technical professionals seeking employment. In essence, we walk the walk and talk the talk. We source hundreds of candidates to present the very best 3-5 for your consideration. Your time is VERY valuable to us!


5 Reasons Why We’re Better than the Competition


We fill open jobs faster

Tell us about your immediate needs, we’ll work to find a customized solution to

meet your goals.


We walk the engineering walk and talk the engineering talk

CORE employs engineers with industry experience to recruit for engineering and technical positions.


We invest in our talent pool

CORE offers a full scale benefit package to its employees, access to the latest

software, and unlimited training free of charge.


You sleep better

We minimize your stress by working the hours you cannot. Your wish is our command!


We are responsive

Our specialized, results-driven approach fosters transparent communication and our ability to react to your needs at a moment’s notice.


We strive to create new engineering talent. As a result of building strong relationships with nationally recognized technical colleges and universities, we stay on the pulse of the engineering and manufacturing communities. Milwaukee School of Engineering, Marquette, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Western Michigan, Purdue, IIT, Michigan Tech, and Muskegon Community College are just some of the universities aligned with CORE. Our custom client internship programs focus on preparing high school and college-level students for careers in engineering and manufacturing. These programs focus on training students in CAD modeling/industrial design, soft-skills, and leadership development for a period of time before the student starts the “hands-on” portion of their internship with the client. We do this specifically to make sure that we are able to consistently replenish our talent pools with the best and brightest engineers for our clients.


"...CORE stands apart from others in the industry by taking a personal investment in all parties involved..."



New Product Development

Complete or Partial Product Development Solution


Mechanical Engineering

Plastics, Injection Molding, Sheet Metal, Solid Modeling, Surfacing & Freeform Surfacing, Advanced Assemblies, Mechanisms, Plant layouts, GD&T, BOM, Illustrations/Call-outs, Packaging, Tooling, Conveyor Systems, Robotics,  CNC Programming, Medical Devices/Machinery, Automotive, Aerospace, Capital Equipment, Military, LED Lighting, Mining, Construction/Heavy Equipment, and Safety Equipment.


Mechanical Drafting, Detailing, Design

PRO Engineer/CREO, SolidWorks, 2D AutoCAD/Inventor 3D, & CATIA


Structural Design, Wind Load Calculations, FEA/FEM, & Mold Flow Analysis


Electrical Engineering

Electrical Circuit Design, PCB Layout, Software & Hardware Design


Technical Documentation, Writing and Publications

3D VIA Composer, ISO DRAW, Publications, Manuals


Photo-realistic Rendering, Animation, and Marketing Assets


Reverse Engineering



What You Can Expect:



Consistent and transparent conversations about meeting your objective.


Return on Investment

Affordable pricing structure, Flexible payment options, Cost reduction methodology, increased productivity, efficiency, and the flexibility to focus your efforts where they’re needed most.



A quality finished product that meets your deadlines and exceeds your expectations.


"...24-hour turnaround, and delivered to us personally - are you kidding?..."



Explore cutting-edge rapid prototyping services and product development from CORE Consulting, a leader in the most advanced 3D printing technology. Validate your design with our  in-house, high-precision, high-speed, 3D printer using Objet PolyJet™ technology… your answer for rapid prototyping services in the Midwest!


CORE Consulting’s highly trained engineers help you move products to market faster and more economically by validating designs through rapid prototyping. We produce accurate and detailed models. With a tolerance of 0.1 to 0.2mm and a Class-A finish without the need for any post-production finishing, our parts are printed true-to-life and have multiple applications. With CORE’s 3D printing, you get faster, stronger, smoother parts with the fastest turnaround possible. Need a prototype in a hurry? Ask us about our 24 hour turnaround service!


Rapid prototypes are suitable for investment casting, CMM programming, design qualifications, fitments, visual modeling, RTV/silicon molding (urethane pours) and more…


Our in-house Objet Polyjet 3D printer uses the latest technology in rapid prototyping. We’re confident that you’ll get a higher resolution and better looking product with our technology compared to alternatives.


Machine Specs

– Maximum tray size: (500mm x 400mm x 200mm)

– Maximum resolution: (600dpi x 600dpi x 1600dpi)

– File input: (.STL)


Material Specs

– FullCure – Clear (transparent)

– VeroPlus – White, black, and blue (rigid)

– Tango – Black and grey (flexible, rubber-like)

Also available: SLA and FDM

Suitable for: Investment casting, CMM programming, design qualifications, fitments, visual modeling, RTV/silicon molding (urethane pours) and short-run production.

Lead time: Appx. 2-3 days from receipt of PO. 24-hr rush orders are available!


RTV Molding & Modeling

Silicon RTV molding: production-like urethane resins available in short-run orders for design qualification and testing.


Visual Modeling

Production-quality prototypes made to order. Several finish characteristics

available upon request.











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