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CORE Unveils it’s new brand position and identity.

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CORE reveals new brand position and identity

CORE Consulting LLC, the top provider of engineering and technical services: Staffing, CAD Design & Product Development, Digital & Technology, 3D Printing and Training services, today reveals a revitalized brand identity that includes a new logo, tagline, messaging, website and social media. The organization will now be known as CORE. Among the other changes CORE will be now using ( as their domain name.

CORE’s new branding crafts a more universally accepted profile for the company that will effectively communicate the company values to its customers.  The new brand identity assimilates all different aspects of engineering and technology services that CORE has been providing over the past 11 years.

“Our engineering services started in small town Wisconsin. However, since then we have built strong relationships with several multi-national clients from all over the globe,” said Matthew Buerosse, CORE Executive Partner. “Our reach is global and now is the time for us to make this strategic move and let everyone know that we can serve our clients regardless of their physical location.”

An updated website was introduced at to reflect the new brand identity and showcase the company’s value-added service model more accurately, including its team members. The new brand identity includes a new logo, a modern chain link that binds the company’s values and business model together.

“The tagline remains the same because On Demand Engineering is what we do,” said Jesse Daily, CORE Executive Partner. “We are a company that is built by engineers for engineers that are seeking to live a fulfilling professional life. At CORE our belief system establishes in depth mutually beneficial relationships for our clients and employees to achieve their dreams.”

Since 2007, CORE has become one of the top engineering firms in the U.S.  and the main purpose of rebranding is part of the organizations strategy to evolve its business and create a solid foundation for future growth opportunities.

To learn more information or to see CORE’s new look, visit

About Core

On Demand Engineering & Technical Staffing. We are a comprehensive engineering services firm that provides the best engineering solution for the dollar. At CORE, we specialize in understanding the needs and demands of growth oriented manufacturers and the emerging Technical & Engineering industries, which can be very competitive in today’s global business environment. Therefore, we are obsessively passionate about constructing unique engineering solutions to fulfill our client’s ever changing needs.

We work with businesses of all sizes; this is why it makes us versatile yet prolific in our industry.  We are the premier provider of Staffing, Engineering, Technology, and 3D printing solutions: Our mission is to alleviate the headaches associated with the engineering project lifecycle and provide a customized solution.

With over 1,200 clients and over 500 contract placements every year, CORE’s on demand engineering & technology focus has given a competitive edge to its clients and amazing careers for its employees. CORE operates its corporate headquarters with more than 60 employees that are committed to our clients success. To learn more, visit


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    John Smith
    May 21, 2018 at 4:30 pm

    Wow.. This is so cool. Congratulations Jesse and Matt!


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