Project Outsourcing Team Sends Products to Market

It’s been some time since we brought you an update from our Rapid Prototyping and Project Outsourcing Team. Below Bryan Schofield talks about products that have recently gone to market with the help of the CORE engineers…



BiKase provides unique accessories for cyclists such as seat bags, frame bags, bottle holders and tablet holders. A client we had done some project outsourcing work for referred us to BiKase and it’s been a great partnership ever since. The owner had us design and prototype from basic art sketches. He was looking for a universal locking system that he could apply to multiple products.  We met with him often to conceptualize and develop prototypes for manufacture. We couldn’t be happier to see our 12 designed products up for sale on his website.


Emerald City Lights sells jewelry like you’ve never seen before. When they were looking for a new way to incorporate LED’s into necklaces, they came to the CORE Project Outsource Team through an industry contact. They brought in an existing battery pack and ideas for where they wanted to place it on a necklace . They purchased “drop-in” electronics and CORE  worked on the overall look and feel of the product to make it ergonomically correct. We created concepts and sent the prints to Texas so the owner could actually wear them and try them with the necklace. We also designed a model and they took the model to an injection molding company for production. They are now selling this necklace on their website.



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