Shepherd Express Covers CORE Engineering Services

Posted on by David

CORE recently sat down to speak with Amanda Sullivan and Selena Milewski of the Shepherd Express…


In an article published by the Shepherd Express, Jesse Daily, Matthew Buerosse, and Jo Rodgers explained why CORE offers the best in engineering services.  Jesse Daily discussed CORE’s strategy to develop engineers with top notch CAD (Computer Aided Design) skills. He also mentioned outsource design services to aid in product development. Matthew Buerosse conveyed the importance of CORE’s commitment to growing careers by fostering a culture of knowledge and ambition. Jo Rodgers mentioned CORE’s dedication to community outreach and the development of young engineers, noting especially CORE’s participation with local engineering schools such as the Milwaukee School of Engineering, MSOE.


Click here to read the article. For more information about On-Demand Engineering from CORE Consulting, email or call 262-242-2673.