Whether you are looking for a qualified candidate in a crunch or need to add staff for a project, CORE Consulting can help. We offer solutions for large and small companies looking for recruiting, consulting, and placement assistance, or product development services. From technical writing to senior level engineering and management, CORE can provide a customized solution to meet your needs.







At CORE, our consultants provide you with flexible, temporary professionals to meet your product development engineering needs. Our contract-to-direct placements are a great way to engage a specific skill set while lending flexibility to short-term projects. We offer temporary or permanent employee assistance at competitive rates – project, product, and term-based. We understand the importance of project-based employee retention and provide a full range of benefits to all CORE consultants, giving you the confidence that our employees will finish your project.


Let our recruiting team assist in your search for direct-placement talent. Direct-placement offers you a skill-specific hiring solution for gaps in the workforce and company growth. CORE consultants are experts in their field, using the latest technology and recruiting platforms.


We always provide staff that are ready to immerse themselves in your company culture. CORE consultants have their fingers on the pulse of the engineering community.
In addition to being trained in the latest software and technology, CORE offers CAD and design engineering to meet your specific needs.


Contact us: talent@core-wi.com  or 262-242-2673

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  • "...I’ve worked for 3 temp agencies including CORE, and it was by far the best one. CORE took the time to personally meet with me offsite in a casual environment to discuss the position while other temp agencies pushed me into a processing room with a pile of paperwork. CORE also offered free training and learning materials for software needed for my job. I highly recommend CORE to my friends who are looking for employment...”

    "...CORE has been tasked with some of the most difficult skill-sets to locate and has not only located, but has located some of the best in the industry..."



CORE offers a variety of technical and manufacturing recruiting capabilities for entry level through executive level career opportunities. We specialize in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial design, manufacturing, technical writing, and computer sciences.


We utilize degreed engineers and technical staff to conduct all of our talent searches for our clients. With this expertise on hand, we are confident that our recruiters are the best in their field, ensuring that they can effectively communicate with like-minded engineers and technical professionals for hire. In essence, we walk the walk and talk the talk. We source hundreds of candidates to present the very best 3-5 for your consideration. Your time is VERY valuable to us!


5 Reasons Why We’re Better than the Competition

We fill requisitions faster

Tell us about your immediate needs, we’ll work to find a customized solution to
meet your deadlines.

We walk the engineering walk and talk the engineering talk

CORE employs engineers with industry experience to recruit for engineering and technical positions.

We invest in our talent pool

CORE offers a full scale benefit package to its employees, access to the latest
software, and unlimited training free of charge.

You sleep better

We minimize your stress by working the hours you cannot. Your wish is our command!

We are responsive

Our specialized, results-driven approach fosters open communication and the ability to react to your needs at a moment’s notice.

  • "...CORE Consulting is innovative and a solid business to be affiliated with, have as a partner, fulfill or solve your staffing needs..."

    "...CORE specifically addressed gaps in our process by developing a recruiting tool for our use..."




We strive to create new engineering talent. As a result of building strong relationships with nationally recognized colleges and universities with focused engineering programs, we stay on the pulse of the engineering and manufacturing communities. Milwaukee School of Engineering, Marquette, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Western Michigan, Purdue, IIT, Michigan Tech, and Muskegon Community College are just some of the universities aligned with CORE. Our custom client internship programs focus on preparing high school and college-level students for careers in engineering and manufacturing. These programs focus on training students in CAD modeling/industrial design, soft-skills and leadership development for a period of time before the student starts the “hands-on” portion of their internship with the client. We do this specifically to make sure that we are able to consistently replenish our talent pools with the newest, best and brightest engineers for our clients and their projects.


Ask us about a custom-tailored internship program for your organization.

Contact us: talent@core-wi.com or 262-242-2673