Explore cutting-edge rapid prototyping services and product development from CORE Consulting, a leader in the most advanced 3D printing technology. Validate your design with our  in-house, high-precision, high-speed, 3D printer using Objet PolyJet™ technology… your answer for rapid prototyping services in the Midwest!


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CORE Consulting’s highly trained engineers help you move products to market faster and more economically by validating designs through rapid prototyping. We produce accurate and detailed models. With a tolerance of 0.1 to 0.2mm and a Class-A finish without the need for any post-production finishing, our parts are printed true-to-life and have multiple applications. With CORE’s 3D printing, you get faster, stronger, smoother parts with the fastest turnaround possible. Need a prototype in a hurry? Ask us about our 24 hour turnaround service!


Rapid prototypes are suitable for investment casting, CMM programming, design qualifications, fitments, visual modeling, RTV/silicon molding (urethane pours) and more…




Our in-house Objet Polyjet 3D printer uses the latest technology in rapid prototyping. We’re confident that you’ll get a higher resolution and better looking product with our technology compared to alternatives.


Machine Specs

– Maximum tray size: (500mm x 400mm x 200mm)

– Maximum resolution: (600dpi x 600dpi x 1600dpi)

– File input: (.STL & .SLC)


Material Specs

– FullCure – Clear (transparent)

– VeroPlus – White, black, and blue (rigid)

– Tango – Black and grey (flexible, rubber-like)

Also available: SLA and FDM

Suitable for: Investment casting, CMM programming, design qualifications, fitments, visual modeling, RTV/silicon molding (urethane pours) and short-run production.

Lead time: Appx. 2-3 days from receipt of PO. 24-hr rush orders are available!


RTV Molding & Modeling

Silicon RTV molding: production-like urethane resins available in short-run orders for design qualification and testing.


Visual Modeling

Production-quality prototypes made to order. Several finish characteristics

available upon request.

  • "...We had a design review with a customer in Europe. CORE worked all weekend to make sure that we had the quantity and quality of parts that we needed to make the deadline and eventually landed us the contract..."

    "...The quality of the parts from CORE's machine is far superior to those we get from other sources..."

    "...24-hour turnaround, and delivered to us personally - are you kidding?..."