How It Works


Inspired By Human Anatomy


Krutch KinetixTM Crutch Tips mimic the human anatomy to create optimal safety and comfort while using crutches.


The human leg is designed to absorb shock, protecting joints and bones. Krutch Kinetix’sTM stainless-steel spring absorbs a portion of the impact easing strain on the upper body. This provides greater comfort for all crutch users, especially over long distances.


The human ankle allows rotation of the foot to facilitate secure contact with the ground. The Krutch KinetixTM innovative design improves contact area by as much as 300% and provides more stability. The increased crutch footprint provides more traction, while the pivoting ball joint engages uneven ground more effectively.


Krutch Kinetix Pivoting Crutch TipsActive crutch users can take thousands of steps per year – causing noticeable shock to wrists, hands and shoulders. Investing in Krutch KinetixTM Crutch Tips will reduce risk of slips, falls and re-injury offering users peace of mind, while the shock absorbing technology will improve comfort giving them more mobility and freedom.




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