Jesse Daily Talks Benefits of Consulting & Contract Engineering

Posted on by David

When it comes to hiring a contract workforce, there’s a lot of discussion about the idea of “trying before you buy”. These days most companies want to mitigate as much of the cost and risk of hiring a new employee as possible.  The contract workforce provides the employer the opportunity to do just that. This month, Jesse Daily addresses the benefits of CORE’s Consulting & Contract Engineering Services.


The average cost to employ a worker with full benefits can range anywhere from 30-40% above the salaried amount for a mid-size company to 60-70% above the salaried amount for a large-sized company. CORE provides the opportunity for our clients to work with a new employee for contracts that last anywhere from weeks to several months before committing to a fulltime or direct hire.  One of the benefits of this sort of “try before you buy” employment scenario is that our clients can reduce the cost of having to provide benefits to that employee. At CORE, we pride ourselves on providing a rich benefit package to our employees. We’re able to attract the top talent our clients demand while allowing for the client to establish a cultural fit with consultants that are flexible, temporary professionals that meet their product development engineering needs. This really gives our clients the flexibility and time to establish a relationship with our engineering consultant, decreasing risks and unknown factors when hiring new employees!


CORE’s consulting & contract engineering services meet the demands of our client’s project workload. We move fast to provide qualified talent in order to reduce the cost and hassle of a lengthy hiring process. We are engineers for engineers, so our clients can rest assured that we know firsthand what it takes to evaluate how one of our consultants will fit into the client’s corporate culture.


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