Jesse Daily Talks 2015 Employment Trends

Posted on by David

I recently sat down with Jesse Daily to talk about emerging trends for employers and job seekers. Here is what he had to say about the coming year…



Jesse, what are your thoughts on social media and how it could help or hurt the job market?



Well, I don’t feel that Facebook has hurt or helped job seekers…yet. LinkedIn has proven to be a powerful tool – both from the candidate and recruiter aspects because access to top talent is only a click away. I feel that employers will be looking closely at LinkedIn and how it is impacting their business, especially what controls they can put into place within their organizations to minimize “poaching” of their top talent. In the end, I believe that employers who treat their employees fairly and treat them with respect will be better positioned to minimize the potential negative impact that social could present.

On using your phone to find a job…



Texting has proven to be an effective method for contacting candidates with minimal impact. I see the trend of recruiting using apps and tools that would provide access immediately to recruiters and candidates that are looking to connect immediately to talent.



Regarding the emergence of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) careers, what do you see as the trend for a career in engineering for 2015?



STEM continues to be a great educational avenue for students looking to learn Engineering and related disciplines. As the STEM curriculum becomes more defined and focused on training “skills” you’ll see more importance put on this from the employer’s standpoint. Training and education continue to be separate with a line drawn in the sand, which is unfortunate because we have a lot of over-educated people with limited skills that aren’t able to jump into a job day one and hit the ground running.



What is the one thing job seekers should do in 2015 to better their career?



Keep their resume and profile updated! You never know when lightning will strike and keeping your resume and profile fresh and updated is an important step towards landing your next dream job.


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