How to Answer Tough Interview Questions

Posted on by David

When you’re working with a recruiter, it’s all about building a relationship. Candidates might not know how to answer the tough questions. One of those tough questions could be “What other positions have you applied for?” or “What other companies are you working with?”. Andy Langlois shares his thoughts on how to answer the tough questions.


Where have you applied or interviewed?


This is a tough question because a candidate might not feel comfortable sharing this information when they first start working with a recruiter and that’s OK. A recruiter should always be trying to assist the candidate where they can to build a relationship based on sincerity. I always recommend that a candidate keep a list of all the positions they have applied to or been submitted for through a recruiter. That way they will know which opportunities they have seen and avoid having to answer this tough question.


What is your biggest weakness?


This is a very tough question and a good example of what I consider a behavioral question. The first thing to know is be prepared. This question can and often times does come up. I recommend an answer that relates to a specific project from the candidate’s work experience. Was the candidate on a team where one member didn’t carry their work load?  In this case, the weakness would be that the candidate gets frustrated. Always present a solution to the weakness and turn the negative into a positive. How did the candidate compensate to make sure the project was completed on time?


How should one explain a gap in work history?


It’s important to be honest so the recruiter can get a feel for what the candidate has been doing.  Was the candidate taking care of their sick parents or did they take a maternity leave? Perhaps they traveled the world!  If the candidate has been unemployed, but they were doing industry-related training, that is a huge plus. I recommend trying to stay engaged within the industry during any gaps. A great way to do this is to take a class or volunteer in some way.


What is the most important quality a candidate should convey during an interview?


The best thing to do when speaking with a recruiter is to be genuine and enthusiastic!


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