CORE Interns Discuss Advantages of Hands-On Experience

Posted on by David

We already know that landing an internship can give you a major advantage as a recent graduate. I recently sat down with  Colin, David, and Jose to ask them about their internships with CORE and the hands-on experience they plan to apply to their careers. Here is what they had to say…


Colin, what is the biggest advantage of working at CORE prior to graduation?


One of the biggest advantages of working part-time at CORE is that often times I can relate what I’m learning here to my classroom work. There have been several times when I’ve been able to contribute ideas to a school project based on something I learned recently at CORE and vice versa. I believe that’s a unique perspective that not many people have.


Jose, do you think you will have a distinct advantage over your peers when you graduate?


Definitely,  you obtain so much experience throughout the internship. You become familiar with things that are more practical such as fillets, tolerance, and adding drafts in order to make manufacturing the product more affordable, practical, etc.


David, what have you learned during your internship with CORE?


When you learn about business and corporations in school you learn how everything should work.  I’ve learned that you sometimes need to take a detour and address projects in a different way than you are used to in order to get things done. That’s not something you learn in a book. I’ve also learned how to balance my time.  Certain projects have fast-approaching deadlines, so I’ve learned how to perform day-to-day tasks for CORE while completing my schoolwork. I think that will make me a more valuable candidate when I graduate.


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