CORE Expands Services: RTV Molding

Posted on by David

We’re excited to announce the expansion of our Rapid Prototyping Services to include RTV Molding. RTV, or Room Temperature Vulcanization, provides an economical solution to explore your product before it moves to market, or as a viable option for low-volume production.  Molds mean multiple copies for experimentation through dur0meter, texture, and color. A variety of materials, including silicone and urethane, can be matched to your specific color needs and transparency requirements. Our high-precision, highspeed Objet Polyjet technology 3D Printer can be used in conjunction with RTV Molding to create a part from scratch, or you can bring in an existing part to be cast. To learn more about this fast and easy solution for Rapid Prototyping, contact CORE at 262-242-2673 or