CORE Expands Project Outsourcing Team

Posted on by David

I recently sat down with Bryan Schofield, a CORE mechanical engineer, to talk about the expansion of the Project Outsourcing Team. Here’s what he had to say…


So, the Project Outsourcing Team is expanding. Why?


We’ve really seen an increase in need from our clients. They look to us to solve unique problems and provide a full range of services, especially 3D Printing. The advantage of holding your design in-hand cannot be understated. It is much easier to show your concept when you can present a physical version. We’re excited to offer our clients that opportunity!


Why is the CORE Project Outsourcing Team better than the competition?


Our clients are diverse and come from industries such as aviation, mining, outdoor recreation, automotive, medical, fire arms, and process improvement. I have the opportunity to work with CORE Engineers who have already been providing top notch service to these clients. That makes our talent pool unique, diverse, and ready to tackle any challenge. The Project Outsourcing Team can cater to any of our clients’ needs, providing truly full-service engineering!


How do you attract top talent?


Well, it’s no secret that CORE offers a great benefit package. We also offer a flexible work schedule and the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects, increasing the engineer’s skill set while providing a challenge to their knowledge base. We also give engineers access to a wide range of mechanical and electrical design software.


How does CORE provide a custom solution for their clients?


We pride ourselves in consulting the client all the way through the scope of a project from napkin sketch to CAD model to rapid prototype to manufactured part. Our team is not just a group of mechanical engineers. We also provide the client with electrical engineering consulting, FEA services, and technical writing services such assembly instructions, document control, and technical publications. The Project Outsourcing Team at CORE is here to be the “relief valve” for the client.


To learn more about Project Outsourcing with CORE, visit our website, call 262-242-2673, or email today!