Tips from CORE Recruiters: Make the Most of Career Fairs

Posted on by David


A career fair could be a foot-in-the-door to your
dream job, but it could also be an opportunity to get
lost in the sea of  other applicants. CORE recruiters
recently attended the  Milwaukee School of
Engineering (MSOE) , Marquette,  Milwaukee Area
Technical College (MATC), and  UW-Madison Fall
Career Fairs. We met a lot of bright, young talent,
but we also came away with a new  appreciation for
what it means to interview on-the-spot and make a
good first impression.



Here are a few tips to help you survive
your next Career Fair:


1. Dress to Impress: This is your chance to wear business attire and show that you’re prepared for the opportunity at hand.


2. Bring Your Best Resume: Highlight accomplishments instead of work duties. Recruiters want to know how you contributed to moving a project forward. Have a friend review your resume for grammar and flow!


3. Do Your Research: Which companies spark your interest? Find the listing of exhibiting companies on the Career Fair website and have a plan of attack. Map out your route to visit every company on your list in the time allotted.


4. Have Goals: Recruiters will ask you “What would you like to do?” or “What are you interested in pursuing?”. Make a list of things that interest you and be prepared to talk about your career goals. Use this opportunity to let the recruiter know who you are and what kind of position you desire.


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