CORE Announces Relocation

Posted on by David

CORE recently announced a move to a new and permanent location in Thiensville, WI. I sat down with co-owner Matthew Buerosse to talk about the new CORE headquarters…


Why was it important to keep the CORE headquarters in Thiensville?


CORE’s involvement with the Thiensville Business Association and the village Farmer’s Market is really just the first step towards a long-term commitment to this community. We’ve outgrown our current space, so it really made sense to find a property that fit our needs while remaining in a family-friendly area. Thiensville continues to offer a great business environment as well as a community where we can participate on many levels. We’re happy to say we found two great buildings – one for CORE and another for our new joint venture, a Himalayan fusion restaurant named the cheel.


I read about the cheel in the Biz Times. Can you tell me a little bit about CORE’s motivation to partner with a restaurant?


My business partner and his wife, Barkha, have always dreamed of opening a restaurant that featured the flavors of her childhood in Nepal. We see this partnership as an opportunity to bring a new and exciting restaurant to the area while at the same time having a place to really call home for our employee outings and client meetings. The two buildings sit right next to each other, so we’re hoping to call this the “CORE-idor” of Thiensville.


How will your new location differ from the old?


Well, we’re moving into a three-story, 9,000 square foot building. The new space will feature a fully-outfitted prototype lab as well as an area dedicated to our expanding project outsource engineering team on the ground floor. The main floor will house our administrative offices as well as our recruiting team. The upper floor will remain a residence until the time comes that we need to further expand, which really gives us long-term flexibility to grow into this space.


What is the future of CORE in Thiensville?


I’m very excited to see all the development that is happening in Thiensville and proud that we can say we’re adding to that excitement through the cheel and the permanent relocation of CORE. We’ll be ready to show off our new space by September of this year. Come and visit the CORE-idor!


For more information about CORE Consulting, or to schedule a tour of the new facility, contact Jo Rodgers at or 262-242-CORE.