Andy Langlois Shares Tips for Recruiting

Andy Langlois joined the CORE Recruiting team in April, 2013. As Client Services Manager, he’s been leading our team of recruiters and playing a key role in the development of the talent within the recruitment business unit.  I recently sat down with Andy to talk shop and learn what it takes to be a star recruiter.



Andy, what are your pro tips when it comes to recruiting?


Often times, basic courtesies get overlooked. Politeness, sincerity, and being genuine are some of the best tips for recruiters.  There are too many firms out there that are just trying to fit a candidate into a job opening. Here are CORE we work hard to make the best possible connection between candidate and client, and sincere recruiters with a ‘how can I help’ attitude are much more successful in doing that than those just looking to ‘fill positions’.


So, building a relationship is important. What is the best way to build relationships?


As I mentioned, the best thing I have learned throughout my career is to be genuine.  Find out the reasons behind the candidate’s desire to make a career move and take interest in helping them find the right fit. We as recruiters can be career coaches and need to be willing make investments in time and energy to learn what candidates are really looking for in that next step.  That can change several times over the course of someone’s career and we should be there to help walk them through questions in their process.


What has been your biggest contribution during your time here at CORE?


That is a great question – I believe with my experience in both recruiting and account management, I have been able to help accelerate the growth curve at CORE. I’m also leading the team to implement a Cloud-Based Applicant Tracking System that will allow us to be more responsive to both our Clients and Candidates requests.


What is the most exciting thing you see happening at CORE right now?


We have a lot of momentum and positive energy in all of our business units from our Staffing to our Outsourced Product Design, as well as our Rapid Prototyping.  I believe we are just scratching the surface with our potential and I’m excited to be part of the team here at CORE!


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